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Gait and Motion Analysis

Footscan integrates robust, clinically validated hardware and software to analyse gait, movement, pressure, and more. This advanced technology enhances biomechanical assessments, optimizing treatment pathways and outcomes.

Our expert physiotherapists are here to address all your foot-related concerns, from injuries to sports-related issues caused by foot abnormalities. After an initial consultation, the physiotherapist will assess your feet using Footscan technology. Footscan captures thousands of data points to analyse your gait and foot structure, ensuring a perfect orthotic fit. Step into a future of optimal foot health with our cutting-edge solutions!

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Phits 3D-Printed Orthotics

Phits: the world’s first data-driven 3D-printed orthotics, specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using Footscan technology. Optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability.

Discover the Future of Foot Health with Footscan and Phits 3D-Printed Orthotics.

Innovation, accuracy, and reliability are essential factors in healthcare and research. Footscan embodies all three, a system utilised in more than 3,000 scientific studies‎ and relied upon by advanced movement labs, the British Armed Forces, and elite sports teams worldwide for the past 30 years.

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Footscan Assessment

Capture static, balance and dynamic data within 2-3 minutes with our easy-to-use software workflow. Consolidate every part of the process and keep all of your data in a unified system.

• Static

- Uses pressure plates to assess foot alignment and load distribution
- Identifies issues like overpronation or supination

• Squat

- Analyses foot pressure and movement during squats
- Key aspects: Pressure shifts, foot alignment, stability, balance, movement patterns

• Single Leg

- Evaluates pressure distribution and stability
- Key aspects: Pressure distribution, foot alignment, stability, balance, movement patterns, dynamic changes

• Dynamic Assesment

- Analyses real-time foot movement and gait patterns
- Creates a digital map for custom orthotics

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Why Choose Phits 3D-Printed Orthotics?

•  Customized Fit: tailored to your feet using precise Footscan data.
•  Cutting-Edge Technology: combines biomechanical research with 3D printing for support and durability.
•  Enhanced Performance: improves alignment, reduces strain for better foot health.
•  Sustainable and Durable: made from eco-friendly materials.

Benefits of Footscan and Phits Orthotics

Precision: detailed foot analysis for tailored orthotics.
Customization: 3D printed based on Footscan data for optimal support.
Preventative Care: addresses biomechanical issues early to prevent chronic injuries.
Enhanced Comfort and Performance: improves foot function and reduces pain.

Managing Foot-Related Injuries with Footscan and Phits Orthotics

Plantar Fasciitis: arch support and pressure redistribution.
Achilles Tendinitis: heel support and shock absorption.
Metatarsalgia: metatarsal pads for pain relief.
Bunions: improves alignment and reduces pressure on big toe.
Flat Feet: provides arch support and weight distribution.
High Arches: cushions foot and enhances stability.
Stress Fractures: distributes pressure evenly.
Diabetic Foot Ulcers: offloads pressure to prevent ulcers.
Heel Spurs: provides cushioning and reduces pressure.
Overuse Injuries: optimizes foot mechanics to prevent injuries.

Rose Clinic Physiotherapy is registered with all major UK health Insurance Companies.

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Musculoskeletal conditions that our chartered physiotherapists treat: Low Back Pain, Disc degeneration, Pregnancy backaches, Arthritis, Whiplash, Sciatica Nerve Trapped, Headache, Pain, Stiffness, Tennis Elbow, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis, Postural abnormality, Pre/Post Operation. Rehabilitation, ACL Rupture, Hip/Knee Replacements, Ligament Cartilage Tear, Shin Splints, Ankle Sprain, Muscular Tear, job related injuries, aging. London physiotherapy now covering Kensington W8, Chelsea SW3, SW10, Notting Hill Gate W11, Hammersmith W6, Shepherds Bush W12, South Kensington SW7, Cromwell road, Knightsbridge SW1, SW3, SW 10, W2 in association with Fitness First gym club for all physiotherapy services.